Drones Doing Good

Below are details about a group of Drone Flyers who put their devices to positive use on a voluntary basis. Its the “999” service for missing dogs, for whom the owners consider as part of their family.

Drone SAR For Lost Dogs UK, was first established in July 2017 for the sole purpose of helping to find and reunite missing dogs back with their owners. Drone SAR relies on a network of over 650 drone pilots from all around the UK who give up their free time totally voluntarily in the search for people’s missing dogs by use of their drone. To date, we have over 15,500 members between the groups and we are gaining pilot’s on a daily basis we have also helped to reunite well over 1000 dogs back with their owners in this time.

If your able to encourage people to help out and do good with their drones then that would be amazing!
A case study you may want to pick key facts from:
We would also appreciate it if you might be able to share this INCREDIBLE challenge one of our pilots is undergoing and how people can support the group!  https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/francis-ballyntyne