How to Create a Vertorama Image – Phil Corley

Below is a step by step guide on how to create a “Vertorama” also known as Vertical Panorama in Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop.Β  This tutorial is aimed at those with basic knowledge of both Lightroom & Photoshop and for advanced users. Presented by Phil Corley.


Step 1 , Open selected images in Lightroom , right click, select Photo Merge and then Panorama to start merging the individual frames.

Step 2. In the merge screen there are 3 projection options, i always try all 3 to see how the image merges together, mostly the Cylindrical gives the best proportions but for this 6 frame image the Perspective option look’s best . I have ticked the “auto settings” box which has merged the different lighting better for these frames, but it produces very unnatural fake looking colours, but I will correct those later. click merge to finish the stitching, i have also clicked create stack, just to simplify the frames in the Lightroom catalog.

Step 3. Open the merged image in the develop module and select crop tool, i want to select the best part of the image with composition in mind, i don’t usually have to do this on a 5 frame merge but this 6 frame image needs a bit of alteration to give good balance through the image.

Step 4. I have selected the gradient tool and darkened down the top 3rd of the image. unfortunatelyΒ the sky is not good enough so i will have to merge in the sky from an original frame later in Photoshop.

Step 5. I have opened up an adjustment brush and painted over the top 3 rd of the image, the land in this area is too unnatural, so i have reduced saturation and a small amount of dehaze to bring out some detail and add contrast.

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  1. Great tutorial! This is what I’m missing! I’m assuming in this case the drone movements required are purely tilting the camera up/down from a static point in the air?

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