Kingswear, Devon – Paul Cousins

Kingswear, Devon and Surrounding Area

Images and contributions by Paul Cousins

The Daymark (also known as The Tower) is a 24m (80ft) octagonal limestone day beacon built in 1864 and which is situated in an arable field above Froward Point near the town of Kingswear,Devon.

Brownstone coastal battery, an emergency battery built during the Second World War as part of southern commands coastal defenses. The battery was established in 1942 in response to the increased threat from German e-boats. The guns were reduced to care and maintenance by November 1943. The site consists of two gun emplacements formerly housing 6inch guns on mark V11 mountings these were secured magazines on the landward side linked to the emplacements by an inclined rail and sunken passage. Two searchlight batteries lie close to the high water mark. Other roofed buildings represent generator rooms.

Looking up the River Dart with the Royal Naval College in the distance.


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