Coming Soon

We will be updating this section with handy tips,tricks and tutorials soon.

These will include photography, camera settings, image colour grading, video editing.


If there is anything else you would like help with, please comment below.

6 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. When compiling any tutorials please remember to include item relevant to non DJI flyers as well. This after all is an inclusive, not exclusive group.
    New members may only have a cheap toy grade drone as there just starting off. Others may have more advanced drones that aren’t DJI. A “beginners guide to everything” might be an idea? Covering the very basics of all drones.

    1. Thanks Gary, Tutorials that will be featured here will not be Brand or aircraft specific for general tutorials. Over time, the choice of tutorials to view will be big, some of which may or not be relevent to any individual.
      We are working on basic editing one’s first, eg. Lightroom & Photoshop. These will be simple guides to begin with but will develop as time permits.
      We hope this answers your concerns.

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